Living Breakwaters – ReefSystems

Aquatic biomass are under pressure from anthropogenic stress. ReefSystems is a pioneering company that exploits innovative solutions to stimulate aquatic biodiversity. Their first venture is a modular building system named Modular Sealife System (MOSES). It functions as a prosthetic limb for nature; it can be used as an artificial reef for marine life to grow on and find nutrition and shelter in but simultaneously as a reinforcement of maritime structures. As ReefSystems is currently upscaling the production of MOSESs, they intend to have a broad implementation of the modules.

Our team helped ReefSystems identify the ecological and functional value of MOSES and the translation into economic value. For this, we combined scientific analysis with market research to map out potential future clients and competitors. We are excited to have supported ReefSystems make a splash in the field of marine biology.