A week of a Tesla student

Week of a Tesla Student – an insiders perspective

Watch the video to get an impression what it is like to be part of the Tesla minor!

Every week of the Tesla minor is different, but to give an impression of what Tesla looks like on a day-to-day basis, below an example week out of a Tesla student’s calendar.

average Tesla week5


Part of the Tesla program is predetermined and organized by the Tesla coordinators. The remaining part is organized by the students, to shape the program to their own needs.

Training sessions
Each week there are 1 or 2 training sessions in average. They generally take place during Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. On Wednesday afternoons we often invite a guest lecturer.

Once every two or three weeks, there are intervision sessions in small groups (4 a 5 people). The goal of these sessions is to discuss problems within and outside the project groups. Hence, the intervision groups always exists of members of different project teams, meaning that you never have intervision with your direct team members. This is to ensure that you can freely discuss any team-related problems, should they occur.

Besides educational activities, sport is also an important aspect of the Tesla minor. Sports activities range from climbing, to kickboxing, to yoga.

There are two weekly, official moments during which the progress of the project work is discussed. On Monday mornings, each group has a 30 minute meeting with a Tesla coordinator to discuss the project and their activities for this week. On Friday, each group presents his progress of that week and/or discusses a problem that they have encountered. During these sessions the Tesla students help each other by giving tips, advice and feedback (both on the presentation and content).

Other activities
The schedule above does not display everything that a Tesla student will do during the 5-month minor. Tesla students are encouraged to organize their own activities, such as excursions to clients or interesting initiatives. Besides this, Tesla students also organize a yearly Tesla event to share their projects and connect with others.