About the Tesla Minor

Tesla is a 30 EC minor for research master’s students who are enrolled in a 2-year MSc program at a Natural Sciences department at the UvA (FNWI), or another university. Students work in small interdisciplinary groups on a real-world societal challenge, in collaboration with a partner organization.

As a Tesla student, you:

  • Are driven to create a positive societal impact
  • Have the ambition to utilize your science background outside of academia
  • Are motivated to take up a complex real-world challenge with a partner organization
  • Have a strong drive to improve your professional and interpersonal skills
  • Are keen to work in an interdisciplinary team
  • Want to go beyond your comfort zone
  • Are motivated to enter a highly intensive 5-month program
  • Have demonstrated these qualities during and next to your studies.


In the Tesla minor, most of your time will be spent on your project. However, you will also participate in – and co-organize –  a wide variety of training sessions, workshops, lecturers and assignments to help you with your project work and to prepare you for life after university. A few examples of these activities are:

  • Lectures: Guest speakers from all sorts of disciplines provide insights on science and society.
  • Workshops and training sessions: Information Management, Systems Thinking, Theater, Storytelling, Visual Thinking, Efficient Meetings, Project Management, Communication, Project Planning, Emotional Intelligence and many more.
  • Sports: On top of the normal work week, students participate in a specialized Tesla sports program, designed in cooperation with the University Sports Center to encourage physical health and team building.

An example of a typical week of Tesla can be found here.

Interested to know how Tesla-alumni experienced the Tesla minor? Visit the former Tesla student page.

If this sounds like the minor for you, apply here.