Creating positive impact
through connecting science and society

What is the Tesla Minor?

The Tesla minor is a 30 EC minor for science master’s students who want to go beyond their comfort zone and apply science outside of academia to create positive societal impact.

Students work for five months in small interdisciplinary groups on a real-world societal challenge, in collaboration with a partner organization (e.g. government, NGO, non-profit, social business).  

Students also participate in – and co-create – a wide variety of workshops, lectures and assignments. This helps them prepare for a life after university as active drivers of positive change. 

Master’s students from a Natural Sciences department of University of Amsterdam and other universities can apply.

What will you learn?

• Working on a real-world societal challenge outside of academia

• Collaborating in interdisciplinary teams

• Combining, analyzing and structuring complex information from a diverse range of (academic and non-academic) sources

• Understanding and impacting societal challenges on a systemic level

• Creative and communication skills to instigate change

• Organizing your own healthy working and learning environment

• Shaping a career that lets you use your talents for a positive societal impact

Our projects

Every year, Tesla works on multiple projects with different partners. Topics typically revolve around sustainability or health.

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What students say

“In Tesla I had the chance to work in a very ambitious team. The Tesla program also assisted a lot in the team process. It is important to be open to each other in the beginning, to share your preferences and be aware of how you induce negative feelings in others. As my team consisted of three very different personalities conflicts are inevitable when working together for five months. However, we learned to accept each others needs and found ways that allowed everyone to express his/her strengths, because we were open to each other and everybody worked hard.” – Maurice

Ready to apply?

Interested in becoming a partner?

Do you have a question that has been bugging you for ages? Or an innovative idea that needs some thorough research and a fresh perspective?

Become a Tesla partner! A team of 2-3 top-performing and highly motivated MSc students, guided by experienced consultants, coaches and academic supervisors, will take a deep dive into your problem. By working on your assignment, the students gain valuable experience and professional skills, and you receive a creative and scientifically sound solution.

Some of our partners