TNO: Fair Infrastructure

In this project we investigated the possibilities for a fair meal delivery platform in the city of Amsterdam, we named CuliFair. Behind the platforms that we currently use, like Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo and UberEats, are large companies that want to rule the meal delivery market. At the moment, these platforms are already so powerful that the affiliated restaurants barely have any rights or freedoms. At the same time, the restaurants depend on these platforms, due to the enormous customer reach they bring.

For the creation of a new, fair meal delivery platform, we looked into the opportunities of blockchain. A blockchain application is managed by algorithms, so no one is in charge of this structure. The rules of the game are laid down in smart contracts, which cannot be changed. Thus, when it comes to fairness, blockchain would be an ideal basis. 

During the Tesla minor, team CuliFair first investigated the interests of the direct stakeholders of such platforms, the restaurants, couriers and customers. Based on their interesets, we conducted some important functions for the new platform, in order to create fairness, transparancy and trust. We finished the project with a visualization of this functions, and published this on our CuliFair website:

So in the future, would you use CuliFair to let your delicious meal be delivered in a fair way?

Anda de Witte, David Huson and Seline Roelvink