USC: Work Out

We are Jarik Guijt and Dieuwertje van Dijk and we are both currently enrolled in a neuroscience master program. Our project “Work Out” is in cooperation with the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) Amsterdam and the University Sport Centre (USC) Amsterdam and we aim to improve the health of the employees of the AMC. We want to reach this goal by implementing a sport program in the workday of employees of the AMC. Currently, the working environment at the AMC does not motivate the employees to alternate work with doing sports. Therefore, in five months we want to deliver an implementation plan to the Board of the AMC to convince them to implement sports in the workday. This implementation plan will consist of literature studies about the effects of doing sports, examples of companies that already implemented sports in the workday and our own pilot study at the AMC.

Dieuwertje van Dijk
Jarik Guijt