Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte – Science Park Amsterdam

Our team created a development plan for the integration of natural areas in Amsterdam Science Park for the values of education, sustainability and recreation. Myrte Mijnders, Milan Teunissen van Manen and Tesla tutor Joris Buis continued working on the project during the subsequent years, which led to the realization of Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte, a 1 hectares thriving permaculture area next to Amsterdam Science Park.

More about the project

Amsterdam Science Park (ASP) is surrounded by a large area of nature that is part of the larger city ecological network (Ecolint). This permanent wet nature area has not been properly connected with the rest of Science Park, causing a disruption between the urban and natural areas in the park. For this reason the municipality of Amsterdam looked for initiatives that can favour the integration of the natural areas to the rest of ASP through the values of education, sustainability and recreation.

The goal of this project is to come up with alterations that could be made to the permanent wet nature 1.5 ha parcel that will connect the urban part of ASP with the natural area. We want to accomplish this by increasing the educational and recreational value of the natural area, without deteriorating the ecological value. At the same time, the content should also promote interaction with natural areas. Such content could be, for example, laying a path through the natural area (recreation), setting up a permaculture garden (sustainability, education and recreation) or incorporating the parcel into a biology course (education). The project is presented as a development plan that includes a landscape design and a financial, management and communication plan. The final report is available for download on request.


Myrte Mijnders (Biology)
Jeroen Schütt (Biology)
Milan Teunissen van Manen (Biology)