Tesla is a 30 EC minor for research master students from the FNWI (Faculty of natural sciences, mathematics and informatics of the University of Amsterdam). Students work in small groups on complex client projects that combine science with a business or society challenge. If you are interested to know how Tesla-alumni experienced the Tesla minor, then please visit the former Tesla student page.

In the Tesla minor, most of your time will be spent on your project. However, you will also participate in a wide variety of training sessions, workshops, lecturers and assignments to help you with your project work and to prepare you for life after university. A few examples of these activities are:

  • Lectures: Guest speakers from all sorts of disciplines visit to speak and provide insights on science, business, and society. Tesla students partially organize the lectures themselves and are welcome to invite inspiring individuals.
  • Workshops and training sessions: Theater, Storytelling (by Robert Wolfe), Visual thinking (by Jongens van de Tekeningen) , Efficient meetings (by TAQT), Project Management, Communication, Poject Planning, Sales, and many more.
  • Sports: On top of the normal work week, students participate in a specialized Tesla sports program, designed in cooperation with the University Sports Center to encourage physical health and team building.

An example of a typical week of Tesla can be found here.

If this sounds like the minor for you, click here to apply.