E-stone & Leafs: Battery data platform

How do we stop global warming to save the planet for the next generation? As most of you probably already know, we should decrease the amount of emitted greenhouse gases, for example by using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. Capturing energy from renewable energy sources becomes increasingly efficient. However, the use of these sources is limited by energy storage, because the energy is not produced continuously and cannot always meet the consumer demand. Batteries are a promising form of energy storage. Currently, experimental battery data on production processes and results is only shared in patents and articles in scientific journals. This makes it difficult to get a complete and structured overview of all the experiments that have been performed, resulting in less efficient development of batteries. Furthermore, the implementation chances of new battery technologies are often unknown.

A solution to these problems is an open source platform on which all battery data can be shared and which incorporates learning curves to project the future costs. This platform could be beneficial for all parties working with batteries. This includes parties making batteries, such as research groups and companies, but also other parties, among which policy makers researching which battery is promising for a sustainable future and should thus be subsidised.

Our project will help to make this platform by creating a content design based on the wishes of possible users. The learning curves will be incorporated with the help of the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands. To make this content design, interviews will be conducted with researchers of several companies and research groups.

Rasa Muller

Aron van Baarsen

Dieuwertje Modder