Amsterdam Green Campus: Urban Greening

Using sustainable urban green solutions to improve the environment for the people and the planet  

“Grow now, clean later” has been the mentality behind development globally. Changing this mentality is becoming more and more urgent, considering the drastic effects of both climate change and rapid urbanisation. Urbanisation brings complex and interdisciplinary problems such as air and soil pollution, heat islands, and floods. Therefore, it is essential that various sectors work together to formulate modern, sustainable alternatives to our cities. An initiative that is founded on making sustainability accessible is the Amsterdam Green Campus. Through an alliance of small to medium sized enterprises, it hopes to bring sustainable urban greening solutions to the marketplace for an environmentally conscious customer. During this project, we will assist the SME alliance in bringing about such a product to mitigate environmental effects by creating scientifically sound urban greening designs through the combination of their diverse expertise. We will explore the current demand and need for urban greening in Amsterdam as well as already existing urban greening initiatives. Integrated designs will then be developed based on knowledge obtained through literature reviews, expert interviews, and a quantitative analysis of the most frequently used and preferred specifications for the future integrated design. This will be presented to the SME alliance in the form of an advisory report which will outline the current and future steps of Amsterdam Green Campus.

Charlotte Gredal

Farah Rahman

Nouschka Veerman