Commonland: Peatland restoration as sustainable business

Peatlands cover a considerable part of the Netherlands and provide a whole range of ecosystem functions. Peatlands are highly productive soils that – in the Netherlands – are frequently used as grazing lands for dairy farms. To achieve maximum economic return most peatlands are currently being drained, which leads to peat oxidation. This, among others, results in large emissions of greenhouse gases and land subsidence. This degradation of peatlands can be prevented by rewetting them. Commonland’s holistic approach seeks to contribute to landscape restoration by developing projects that provide 4 returns®, namely financial capital, natural capital, social capital, and inspiration.

The goal of our project is to aid peatland restoration by developing a sustainable business model. This model will focus on sustainable peatland use by closing waste and production streams, while incorporating Commonland’s 4 returns®. It focuses on specifically on the Vechtplassen region.