Burg Groep: Potential of spirit vinegar for herbicide application

The need for alternative plant protection products is increasing as society becomes more aware of the negative biological and ecological consequences of current plant protection products. The demand for more sustainable and eco-friendly products by consumers provides new opportunities on the herbicide market. Furthermore, changes in legislation in the EU has made it more difficult for conventional products to be approved and/or re-approved. Aware of spirit vinegar’s (natuurazijn) long history as a plant protection product in private gardens throughout the world, the Burg Groep, one of Europe’s largest vinegar producers, investigates the potential for their product to fill the gap in the herbicide market.

To achieve this, spirit vinegar application should be supported by the general public, potential users, non-governmental as well as governmental organizations, and the scientific community. Legislation should allow the use of spirit vinegar as a herbicide, which is dependent on scientific research verifying that there will be no negative biological or ecological impact on the environment, animals and humans as a result of spirit vinegar application as a herbicide. Therefore, this project undertakes the task of answering the unknowns of using spirit vinegar as a herbicide, evaluate the feasibility of using spirit vinegar as a sustainable herbicide, and provide a recommendation as to the use of spirit vinegar as an herbicide.