Active Cues: Happy moments for people with special needs

Imagine a world where everybody has access to happy moments. Active Cues, a nascent software development company, envisions precisely such a world. Active Cues created an interactive product, named Tovertafel, for people with special needs. Tovertafel creates light projections on a flat surface, which it makes interactive through an infra-red sensor which detects the users’ movements. The Tovertafel games are designed to accommodate specific needs of their target audience and to improve their quality of life (QoL). As the development of the latest Tovertafel is almost complete, the current project will explore new interesting audiences  for Tovertafel, and which new markets are most interesting to enter when also looking abroad. To make a decision on this question, we will perform an extensive feasibility analysis of different aspects of our audience; the scientific, technical, legislative, social and financial feasibility of introducing the Tovertafel to this audience. Using this information, we will select the most promising audience. To make our recommendations concrete and practical, we will then begin with the initial stages of co-design, the strategy of intimately involving users in the design of a product, which is a central part of Active Cues’ design philosophy and methodology.