Bureau Marineterrein: Promote healthy aquatic environment

For 400 hundred years Marineterrein was owned by the Royal Dutch Navy. Many warships were built here to protect the VOC fleet, giving high historical value to the area. Now, Marineterrein is assigned a new function, as the Navy will no longer use the premises, and the area is gradually opened to the city of Amsterdam. Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam will guide the gradual urban development and innovation of the area in preparation for ‘the city of the future’.

This is where we come in as Team Marine: our goal is to develop an innovative project that has little to no impact on the surrounding environment, that connects its surroundings and is applicable to a larger scale. We focus on the theme ‘water’ and will try to make the bassin of the harbour at Marineterrein an official swimming location. To accomplish this, we investigate the conditions required to swim in natural water and actually measure these requirements when necessary, such as water quality and bottom quality, as well as other legislative conditions. Depending on the outcomes, we come up with methods to improve these qualities to meet the legal standard, and aim to realize these methods into a working pilot at Marineterrein. So, bring your swimwear and come swim with us at Marineterrein this summer!IMG_8445