Sungevity: Increasing sustainability of households

Fossil fuels are slowly depleting, whereas global primary energy demand is increasing. Fossil fuel combustion is a major cause of significant climate changes that will have serious impact on humanity. An important source of renewable energy that can meet up to the world’s total energy demand is solar energy. Sungevity, is a mission driven solar electricity company that has created a powerful residential market with the purpose of powering people’s life with sunshine to create a sustainable society.

With growing numbers of residential solar systems, more households become prosumers: consumers and producers of electricity at the same time. This leads to more fluctuations in energy demand and offer, which requires smart solutions. One of these is to use home-produced solar energy more efficiently.

Therefore, our project sets out to investigate with what products or services Sungevity could potentially expand their solar systems in order to i) maximize the self-consumption of solar energy, ii) minimize the use of natural gas, and iii) create more sustainability consciousness, all in a financially viable way.