Port of Amsterdam: Improving the port’s air quality

The Port of Amsterdam is one of the largest harbors in Europe and represents 6% of the economy in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. In the coming years, sustainable growth of the economic activities is one of the key ambitions of the Port of Amsterdam, because in 2020 the Port of Amsterdam aims to belong to the most sustainable harbors in
the Europe. Therefore, the Port of Amsterdam is working on many sustainability related projects in collaboration with the companies located in the Port.

The Port of Amsterdam consulted Tesla to contribute to reaching their sustainability goals and provide an innovative and efficient solution to one of the Port’s environmental issues. Additionally, the goal is to increase public appreciation of the harbor without disrupting its economic activities.

We want to develop a technology roadmap and business plan that can feasibly result in the implementation of a technique or method that significantly improves one of the environmental issues in the harbor. We also want to come with a short-term implementable solution tackling not only the air pollution and noise pollution but also contribute to aesthetics and biodiversity.