TNO/Economic Board Groningen: 5G in Groningen

Imagine a future world where trucks without drivers autonomously form a long cue on the motorway and are able to transport a large volume of goods with minimal human intervention. In addition, tracking devices could be placed within sea containers to carry large amounts of data about the load that could increase the processing speed of harbors. In this future, an interplay exists between wireless technology and the Traffic and Logistics sector. The sketched situations sound utopian and technologically advanced, but it could be possible with the creation of fifth generation cellular internet, commonly known as 5G.

Every ten years a new wireless internet generation is introduced to the consumer. It is expected that 5G, the successor of 4G, will possess elements that can create the aforementioned situations. One of 5G’s characteristics allows for data can be transferred directly between devices at high speeds. A 5G test lab will be created in Noord-Groningen, allowing the rural municipalities to use the 5G network 5 years before it will be available in the rest of the Netherlands. With our project, we investigate what possibilities could be realized by companies in the Traffic and Logistics industry in Noord-Groningen that wish to use 5G. Our clients TNO and the Economic Board of Groningen are hoping to set up a running pilot in Groningen by 2017.IMG_8403