Stories of Tesla #7: The Wooden Century

The last project to be featured is “The Wooden Century” for TNO.

Construction materials currently used in the Dutch construction branch, such as concrete and steel, could use some rethinking, due to the increasing housing shortage and their significant contribution to the global carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen emission. Our client, TNO, wonders whether wood-based constructions could be a feasible alternative to counter these problems, as wood is strong, stores CO2 and is relatively light. This project, therefore, aims to find out if the upscaling of a wood construction method could be feasible to meet the housing demand in the Netherlands, within the environmental agreements.

In order to answer this question for TNO, we will subdivide this project into three phases. Firstly, we will analyze wood construction methods by comparing them to concrete and steel construction, after which we will research what type of wood construction methods there are and which one is the most promising. Secondly, we will investigate the feasibility of the implementation of this wood construction method in the Netherlands. Thirdly, we will come up with a strategy for this implementation.

We aim to deliver the best wood construction method which could aid in solving the current issues of the construction branch (1). This will be based on a comparison of wood construction in general to concrete and steel construction and an overview of existing wood construction methods. Subsequently, we aim to deliver an overview of implementation requirements (2) and an effectiveness/feasibility analysis which can be used as advice for an implementation strategy (3).

We hope that our final report and advise on an implementation strategy in the Netherlands on the most feasible wood construction will be taken into account in the direction TNO will take regarding giving advice on building with wood to other organizations and companies. We hope that the wooden century starts with TNO.