Stories of Tesla #6: Confocal

Since we’re such incredible hard workers the Tesla gods Joris & Tim concocted a great day out for us to take some time to relax. We first went to Anna’s tuin to all learn about its concept of creating a large space of wild nature in the city of Amsterdam. We scraped together a DIY BBQ and cut our own wood with the bluntest axe imaginable. “Feel the rage Elena!”.

Next we went to the Artis library to look at some pretty nice books and learn some sweet facts to impress your crush at parties. We got to look at some leaf cells up close using a replica of one of van Leeuwenhoek’s miniature magnifying glasses. We also got to see some of the letters written by the great man himself: Charles Darwin. Daan can rest in peace having touched one of the piece of papers formerly handled by his legend himself. As our brains were storing all this precious information we strolled through Artis to look at all the lovely animals. Daan couldn’t wait to tell everyone about what he probably considers his second home (He’s quite enthusiastic about animals if it wasn’t clear already).

All in all we had a pretty sweet day reminding us and everyone that Tesla is not only about hard work but plenty of fun as well!