Stories of Tesla #6: Better acute care. AI powered.

The sixth project titled “Better acute care. AI powered.” is for a Dutch based AI start-up Nico.lab.

Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) within health care are booming. Our client Nico.lab has developed StrokeViewer, an AI-based clinical decision support system with the trademark of “Better stroke care. AI powered.” StrokeViewer is capable of offering a complete assessment of relevant imaging biomarkers in less than three minutes, supporting radiologists in their decision-making process when diagnosing stroke. Now that StrokeViewer has been implemented in ten hospitals in the Netherlands, Nico.lab is looking to expand business in terms of product within the acute care setting.

The goal of our project is to investigate how AI can improve patients’ lives and enhance clinical workflows within the acute care sector where every second counts. Therefore, our research question is “What acute disease conditions would be interesting for Nico.lab to expand their business into by using artificial intelligence to improve speed and accuracy of diagnostic processes based on imaging?”. Our advice will be directed towards our client, who has the expertise and knowledge to put AI into practice in the hospital to improve healthcare. 

By investigating different acute disease conditions, such as myocardial infarction and pneumonia, and performing market research of current AI applications, we aim to identify one acute disease case that might benefit the most from such technologies. Besides the potential development of a new AI product, this expansion into new acute care areas also suggests a renewed trademark for Nico.lab: “Better acute care. AI powered.” 

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