Stories of Tesla #1: FrieslandCampina

Working for an exciting client such as FrieslandCampina means that we have the opportunity to get our hands dirty, literally! As a part of our project to help FrieslandCampina contribute to the Dutch renewable energy transition, we have meetings with farmers to hear their stories and listen to their opinions on this transition on their farms. This does not just mean that we ask them questions and that’s it: we also walk around the farms to cuddle with the cows, smell the manure and see the energy production technologies live in action! This gives us the chance to get in touch with our own “inner-farmer” (and to have a calf lick your hand if your name is Daan…). These farm visits are a vital part of our project, as in the end the farmers are the ones that be the implementers. They will produce the future renewable energy used by the FrieslandCampina production line, and maybe even by you and me in our houses! Thus, keeping in mind their wishes and needs is important for us to come up with new potential strategies on how to increase their production and usage efficiency of renewable energy. This means we will be going to a lot more farms in the coming months: plenty of more chances to cuddle with Clara64 and Berta76!