Alliander: Locol

Team Locol is working on a project regarding solar energy in the Netherlands, in cooperation with Locol. In recent years the viability of solar energy has soared dramatically. This has led various small communities, or cooperatives, around the Netherlands to start generating their own sustainable energy on a local level, using solar fields. Alliander, an important energy network company, recognized this trend and created Locol; a company that expands on existing ideas and facilitates new initiatives. Since Locol is a very new company, they asked us to assist them with research and practical advice on how to enter the market. As team Locol, we take existing ideas by visiting solar fields, and provide advice based on these interviews, combined with literature and expert opinions. Our goal is to provide Locol with practical, usable advice, and be a part of the development of their first solar field.

Thomas Brockmeier
Brinn Hekkelman
Angeliki Kathopouli