Tesla 2015

In 2015, 22 students – divided over 8 groups – successfully participated in the Tesla minor. Learn more about their projects here:

3D printing
Determine which parties and stakeholders could be involved in value chains for medical additive manufacturing and how the elements of these value chains could be put together. 

Exploring the possibilities to better meet the social, emotional and cognitive needs of people with Alzheimer’s and their care network, and to facilitate home care for as long as possible, using music technology.

Farmers of the Future
Exploring how the next generation of dairy farmers can be provided with the right knowledge and skills to be able to tackle challenges like increased production volume, production chain transparency and sustainable agricultural practices.

Food Safety in China
Developing a reliable and accessible end-user food test that indicates whether a certain product is safe to consume. 

Port of Amsterdam
Creating a plan for the development of a series of floatlands in the port of Amsterdam, to increase ecological and recreational value of the area.

Providing Locol with practical, usable advice, and be a part of the development of their first solar field.

Pharma Nutrition
Exploring the potential of a product, based on a compound in nutrition, that can work together with the drug therapy to improve the Type 2 Diabetes treatment efficiency 

Work Out
Improving the health of the employees of the AMC by implementing a sport program in the workday.