Municipality of Amsterdam: Green Amsterdam

Global environmental problems are still getting worse, while politicians nowadays mainly have concerns about economic problems. We keep polluting water and air and using up natural resources up to a point that is harmful for both ecology and economy. Cities are the environments where almost everything happens. City life uses up a lot of resources and causes a lot of pollution. It is also the place where many green initiatives and projects have been set up. Cities are the main source of environmental problems, but also can be the place where the solution of environmental problems lies, when city life will be organized in a green way.

Amsterdam is a relatively green city in which many green organization and initiatives are already active. The problem is that most of their efforts don’t reach out to the whole community. Our suggestion is that the Amsterdam community should be activated and engaged in the green of the city to set a common goal for the whole community. We will approach the problem by mapping current efforts and simultaneously by setting up an own initiative. We think that people will be engaged in ‘green’ when the services and value of green infrastructure are more tangible and visible. Citizens and companies can then support green projects and initiatives with more willingness and less effort.

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