FrieslandCampina: As an Energy Company

FrieslandCampina, nourishing by nature. The dairy company famous for its milk products wonders if they should get into a new business: that of renewable energy. At their farms, a huge amount of renewable energy can be produced from solar panels on barn rooftops, windmills and manure fermentation installations. FrieslandCampina wants to lead in sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint by powering their factories by the farmer’s renewable energy. At the moment, farmers sell their electricity to an energy company, while FrieslandCampina buys their electricity from mostly another energy company. Possibly, the benefits of these energy companies can be preserved within FrieslandCampina, adding value for FrieslandCampina and the farmer. We are going to find out whether FrieslandCampina should set up an energy company to manage their own electricity production and consumption. Technical, legal, economic and social aspects will play a role in our case, making the project complex and versatile and thus very interesting. With our work we hope to contribute to a future in which FrieslandCampina is nourishing by nature and powered by nature.


Maurice van Rees, Sofie ten Have, Petra Ormel