Friesland Campina: Solar panels on stable roofs

One of the biggest dairy companies in the world is FrieslandCampina. FrieslandCampina aims to achieve climate-neutral growth by reducing emissions from high quality milk production at farm level. Health and safety are of great importance for FrieslandCampina as well. However, many farms contain asbestos, which endangers the health of farmers and their families. The goal of our project is to tackle these problems altogether, by cooperative replacement of asbestos roofs with solar panels.

Basically, this means we get to visit a lot of dairy farms, talk to many people with different backgrounds, and learn all about energy consumption on farms and how to manage such a big project. Within these 5 months, we aim to deliver a business plan that FrieslandCampina can implement within two years, so the Netherlands will be one step closer to the goal of increasing green energy production.IMG_8410