During Tesla you can end up anywhere. As such, the Project Pondweed group found themselves a 30-minute bike ride away from the centre of Almere, apparently one of the greenest cities of the Netherlands, in the middle of an industrial area. We visited the Raw Material Collective Almere (Grondstoffen Collectief Almere), a collective of companies, organizations, and the municipality of Almere, aimed at creating value from waste streams in the city. Examples of projects include the harvesting of pondweed that overgrow their waters. From the “waste”, they produce various products such as notebooks, tables, and even public benches. This is interesting to us, as we want to find a sustainable solution for the pondweed harvested by the municipality of Hoorn (our client). Almere seems to have the answer already! The challenge for us is to see what else can be created from pondweed, perhaps we could extract the proteins from the plant juices that are now discarded. We must investigate how Hoorn could use this solution, potentially, they can participate in this collective or start their own. How fun would it be to look out over Lake Markermeer in Hoorn, sitting on a bench made from water plants from that same lake!


Take a look at some of the pictures:

Almere is really green!

Pondweed-processing-machine part 1 – pondweed is separated in fibres and juice

Pondweed-processing-machine part 2 – the fibres are completely dried

Pondweed-processing-machine part 3– the fibres are cut into similar-sized small pieces

The result: nicely cut small pondweed-fibres

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