The word of the week is Tesla. The Amsterdam Green Campus kindly explains the word of the week as well as learning the spelling – which definitely isn’t obv enough from the amount of times you see it written on this facebook page: TESLA.

T is for THINK
Thinks are a complete new experience since the start of Tesla. When thinking about THINKs we get all stressed up and hyperactive. One of us prepares a simulation, a lecture, a song, a game to start discussing whatever comes to mind and feels worth sharing. Together we are THINKing about a wide variety of philosophical topics like ‘who are we’, ‘can you know yourself’, to discussing ethical considerations of using plants and animals for testing purposes and the slippery slope to experimenting with humans. Did you ever think about sex as a right? Do you think you are honest when your grandma gives you a handmade knit sweater that you are never going to wear outside your own bedroom and asks you whether you like it? What is nature, is it any type of green even if it is created by humans? “ I am constantly inspired by the young fruitful minds of today.

E is for Etmo
Etmo is our trainer for Synergy and Kickboxing, which are among two of the many sports we participate in as part of Tesla. If any of you reading has ever done Synergy, you’ll be familiar with the amount of motivation required to move your sweat-soaked body through the exercises. With Etmo anything is possible, he is our shining light amidst the perspiration of the USC.
“Without the Etmo motivation (Et-motivtion ©) I wouldn’t have been able to run from my home town in Spain to Amsterdam in 43.68 seconds” Elena, Tesla Student, UvA. “WORK HARD GET PAID WHEN I SAY TESLA YOU SAY ( 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 YEAH NEW ROUND), THIS AIN’T NO RUSH HOUR”.

S is for Sustainability
Which almost all of our projects are about – coincidence? I think not! Sustainability is about meeting the needs of today without compromising those of tomorrow. This will help create a better living environment for all as well as making sure we’ve still got polar bears on ice caps. One such effort is Cafe de Ceuvel, a cafe we visited which reuses old boathouses as working spaces and seatings in the outdoor area. “Sustainable Sara that’s what they call me! Sara’s the name, sustainability’s the game!” Sara, Tesla Student, University of Amsterdam.

L is for Learning Space
The name says it all: it’s the space where we learn! Learning Space is one of the two rooms at Startup Village that the current Tesla bunch occupies as offices. With all the client meetings, sports 3x/week, and company visits, of course we’re never in the same place for too long. But being fully equipped with our own coffee machine, toastie maker, and fridge, our brain engines are all set for work from 9 to 6, 5 days a week! “I am so cool”, fridge, Start-up Village appliance.

A is for Action in Amsterdam!
Tesla projects revolve around applying A science to A business and in A society.
With the potential of these projects to be introduced to the real world right here in Amsterdam, actions speak louder than words! Whether it’s creating a new milkshake, searching for pondweed recipes, or thinking of ways to plant a tree on a roof, believe us when we say that it’s all part of the ACTION here in the Tesla minor! “To find out how you can be part of the action visit” Aron, Tesla Student, UvA.

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