Tesla minor 2020 deadline approaching fast (June 1st)

May 23, 2019

The application deadline of the Tesla Minor 2020 edition is in close approach! Write the motivation letter, apply at Datanose and next year you can generate impact on sustainability or health for a real client!

The Tesla minor attracts ambitious, pro-active and open-minded students and is unique in it’s character to bring 20+ students together to make impact and education a team effort.

The deadline is June 1st!





Tesla Events in May

April 16, 2019

Do you want to know more about the projects? Are you interested in applying for Tesla for 2020? In May there are two Tesla events scheduled.

On the 3rd of May all projects will be presented in a walk-in Tesla fair. All groups will present their current activities and findings in a fun and interactive way. This event is open for everyone, food en drinks are included. When: 3rd of May from 14:00 until 18:00. Where: StartUp Village

On the 14th of May there is a special event for people that want to apply for next year. This will be a open evening where there is time to ask questions about almost everything: experiences, application procedure and deadlines. It will also be fun! Drinks included. When: 14th of May 17:30 until 21:oo. Where: StartUp Village.


Tesla minor 2018: Final presentations

June 21, 2018

Our final month has dawned upon us! The Tesla minor is working hard to finalize their ground-breaking research, write up literary


wonders and put together a breath taking presentation.

We would like to invite you to our FINAL PRESENTATIONS on July 20th, where we will enrich your lives with our knowledge and blow your minds with our fun.

Hope to see you there!!

x Tesla 2018


Stories of Tesla

Stories of Tesla #8: Caventou

June 18, 2018

The world’s population is growing, and so is the demand for healthy food. Staay Food Group is going to build the biggest vertical farm in Europe where they can grow crops in closed system with LED lights 💡(thus no sunlight)! Such a vertical farm is highly productive, uses no pesticides, and less water! Is this the start of revolutionizing agriculture?! What do you think? 🌱🌱🌱


Stories of Tesla

Stories of Tesla #7: TNO

June 15, 2018

Let’s get personal!

During the Tesla Minor it is not all about the project, you will also get all sorts of trainings. The trainings are very diverse, from time management to working in teams. During the whole period of the Tesla Minor, there is a lot of room for reflection and learning. So, this week we had a training in which we reflect on ourselves and learned more about our personality! Before the training, we had to fill in a short questionnaire which was the MBTI personality test. Questions about whether you plan everything beforehand or whether are rather be working on your own came up.
During the training we did several assignments that made us think about which personality profiles there are and to which one we see ourselves. So, we had to draw our perfect holiday with a small group and watched for 10 seconds to a painting and tell what we saw. These assignments made us more aware about how we think and behave.
At the end of the training we received our results of the test and we discussed these in the project group. By taking this test everyone learned what personality profiles there are and which personality traits they have. By discussing the results we not only learned more about ourselves but also about our teammates. Hopefully, this helped everyone to understand each other better and improve the atmosphere and productivity in the team!

Strange places.

Walking through a random village we have never heard the name of, we wonder what got us here. As we stroll past some cows in a field, our destination comes into view: who could have known that the innovative company with that fancy story and exiting website operates from a shoebox sized garage next to a barren field. But then again, how often do you actually get to visit the places you come across on your research’ google-vaganzas?
During the Tesla minor, this is exactly what you try to do. Life’s too short to try and study everything yourself, especially when there’s people out there that already know everything you want to know. Therefore, during our projects we try to step out of our comfort zone and get the knowledge directly from experts in the field. You would be surprised by how many professors and CEOs are willing to talk to you, especially if you’re asking them about the things they are passionate about. So, here we are, into the shoebox!
Meeting with the CEO of the company we are slowly brought back to the spirit of the website, and then beyond. Looking at invention upon invention, carried by the stories of a spirited businessman, we are enchanted by his visions; this is exactly what we are looking for! Then, after a meeting of merely an hour another difference with any uni lecture; let’s talk business. We agree on general terms, some ‘my guy will talk to your guy’ and a handshake later we’re back outside.

Greeting the cows on our way back to the bus it’s quite clear: it would have taken days of desktop research to understand what we just learned, and even then we would never have had such a practical solution to our problem. Sometimes it is well worth it to step out of your comfort zone and meet an expert directly (next time my bike breaks down I’m just going to call an engineer) and we have Tesla to thank for this lesson. On top of that, you get to visit the most interesting places you never guessed would exist, all during school hours!

Let’s cook!

For the normal Tesla student, a Tesla week is filled with trainings, meetings, and project work. But for the students of the Tesla-TNO team, there are some additional tasks: cooking and eating!
With the three of us, we are developing a new challenge meal for our client TNO. This challenge meal is a high-caloric milkshake. By measuring the bodies response to this ‘challenge’ you can say something about your metabolic health. We already have developed several recipes to make this special challenge meal. However, before we can hand these over to our client, we first have to test them!
So – dedicated science students we are -, we spent some of our Tesla day to go to the supermarket and combine the necessary ingredients. While everyone was working in the offices, we started cooking (yes, everyone loved us very much at that moment). Besides having a lot of fun, we also made some important steps for our project as we managed to make several ‘theoretically’ edible challenge meals. Additionally, to include the Tesla group in this scientifically sound process, we dedicated one of our Friday afternoon presentations to actually tasting the meals. Here, all Tesla student were part of a taste panel and had to rate the shakes on taste, structure and heaviness.
Thus, taking this fun but useful experiences into account, I think it is safe to say that if you think a Tesla project is only consists of meetings and writing you are WRONG! Practical work and testing also plays a big part of various projects. So, if you want to get the most out of your Tesla experience: choose a project with practical aspect. Then, maybe next year YOUR group will be envied for cooking in the workplace 😉
Laura, Luuk and Roos (the only people who gained weight instead of muscles during Tesla).

Stories of Tesla

Stories of Tesla #6: Confocal

June 12, 2018

Since we’re such incredible hard workers the Tesla gods Joris & Tim concocted a great day out for us to take some time to relax. We first went to Anna’s tuin to all learn about its concept of creating a large space of wild nature in the city of Amsterdam. We scraped together a DIY BBQ and cut our own wood with the bluntest axe imaginable. “Feel the rage Elena!”.

Next we went to the Artis library to look at some pretty nice books and learn some sweet facts to impress your crush at parties. We got to look at some leaf cells up close using a replica of one of van Leeuwenhoek’s miniature magnifying glasses. We also got to see some of the letters written by the great man himself: Charles Darwin. Daan can rest in peace having touched one of the piece of papers formerly handled by his legend himself. As our brains were storing all this precious information we strolled through Artis to look at all the lovely animals. Daan couldn’t wait to tell everyone about what he probably considers his second home (He’s quite enthusiastic about animals if it wasn’t clear already).

All in all we had a pretty sweet day reminding us and everyone that Tesla is not only about hard work but plenty of fun as well!

Stories of Tesla

Stories of Tesla #5: Holland Bioceuticals and Hoorn

June 8, 2018

During Tesla you can end up anywhere. As such, the Project Pondweed group found themselves a 30-minute bike ride away from the centre of Almere, apparently one of the greenest cities of the Netherlands, in the middle of an industrial area. We visited the Raw Material Collective Almere (Grondstoffen Collectief Almere), a collective of companies, organizations, and the municipality of Almere, aimed at creating value from waste streams in the city. Examples of projects include the harvesting of pondweed that overgrow their waters. From the “waste”, they produce various products such as notebooks, tables, and even public benches. This is interesting to us, as we want to find a sustainable solution for the pondweed harvested by the municipality of Hoorn (our client). Almere seems to have the answer already! The challenge for us is to see what else can be created from pondweed, perhaps we could extract the proteins from the plant juices that are now discarded. We must investigate how Hoorn could use this solution, potentially, they can participate in this collective or start their own. How fun would it be to look out over Lake Markermeer in Hoorn, sitting on a bench made from water plants from that same lake!


Take a look at some of the pictures:

Almere is really green!

Pondweed-processing-machine part 1 – pondweed is separated in fibres and juice

Pondweed-processing-machine part 2 – the fibres are completely dried

Pondweed-processing-machine part 3– the fibres are cut into similar-sized small pieces

The result: nicely cut small pondweed-fibres


Tesla minor 2018: Midterm event

May 14, 2018

Time runs fast if you’re having fun! And Tesla 2018 is already halfway through.

Do you want to know what we’ve been working on these weeks? Join the MIDTERM PRESENTATIONS! During the event, the 8 groups will pitch about their progress. If you get interested in any of their projects, worry not: you can discuss with the group in the market round.

Come and join us for an afternoon full of learning, fun and innovation!

About the event:
Date: 18th May
Location: Jungle Amsterdam

14:50 – Doors open
15:00 – 15:55 – Pitches & Market round #1
16:15 – 17:00 – Pitches & Market round #2
17:00 – 17:30 – General market round

For more information about the Tesla minor 2018, please visit the Facebook @teslaminor, read our flyer, or message us!

Stories of Tesla

Stories of Tesla #4: Amsterdam Green Campus

May 14, 2018

The word of the week is Tesla. The Amsterdam Green Campus kindly explains the word of the week as well as learning the spelling – which definitely isn’t obv enough from the amount of times you see it written on this facebook page: TESLA.

T is for THINK
Thinks are a complete new experience since the start of Tesla. When thinking about THINKs we get all stressed up and hyperactive. One of us prepares a simulation, a lecture, a song, a game to start discussing whatever comes to mind and feels worth sharing. Together we are THINKing about a wide variety of philosophical topics like ‘who are we’, ‘can you know yourself’, to discussing ethical considerations of using plants and animals for testing purposes and the slippery slope to experimenting with humans. Did you ever think about sex as a right? Do you think you are honest when your grandma gives you a handmade knit sweater that you are never going to wear outside your own bedroom and asks you whether you like it? What is nature, is it any type of green even if it is created by humans? “ I am constantly inspired by the young fruitful minds of today.

E is for Etmo
Etmo is our trainer for Synergy and Kickboxing, which are among two of the many sports we participate in as part of Tesla. If any of you reading has ever done Synergy, you’ll be familiar with the amount of motivation required to move your sweat-soaked body through the exercises. With Etmo anything is possible, he is our shining light amidst the perspiration of the USC.
“Without the Etmo motivation (Et-motivtion ©) I wouldn’t have been able to run from my home town in Spain to Amsterdam in 43.68 seconds” Elena, Tesla Student, UvA. “WORK HARD GET PAID WHEN I SAY TESLA YOU SAY ( 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 YEAH NEW ROUND), THIS AIN’T NO RUSH HOUR”.

S is for Sustainability
Which almost all of our projects are about – coincidence? I think not! Sustainability is about meeting the needs of today without compromising those of tomorrow. This will help create a better living environment for all as well as making sure we’ve still got polar bears on ice caps. One such effort is Cafe de Ceuvel, a cafe we visited which reuses old boathouses as working spaces and seatings in the outdoor area. “Sustainable Sara that’s what they call me! Sara’s the name, sustainability’s the game!” Sara, Tesla Student, University of Amsterdam.

L is for Learning Space
The name says it all: it’s the space where we learn! Learning Space is one of the two rooms at Startup Village that the current Tesla bunch occupies as offices. With all the client meetings, sports 3x/week, and company visits, of course we’re never in the same place for too long. But being fully equipped with our own coffee machine, toastie maker, and fridge, our brain engines are all set for work from 9 to 6, 5 days a week! “I am so cool”, fridge, Start-up Village appliance.

A is for Action in Amsterdam!
Tesla projects revolve around applying A science to A business and in A society.
With the potential of these projects to be introduced to the real world right here in Amsterdam, actions speak louder than words! Whether it’s creating a new milkshake, searching for pondweed recipes, or thinking of ways to plant a tree on a roof, believe us when we say that it’s all part of the ACTION here in the Tesla minor! “To find out how you can be part of the action visit www.teslaminor.nl” Aron, Tesla Student, UvA.