Do you want to become our next client?

Your question is our challenge.

Many organizations want to implement innovative ideas or try to implement impactful change within their own structure. The Tesla minor helps organisations with these challenges, whether the organisation is a start-up or a company with a long history. We help you create a sturdy foundation for projects, develop your innovative ideas and much more. Are you an organisation that has a new project in mind, a technical innovation to design or a start-up to be developed? Then the Tesla minor is an interesting option for you.

What can the Tesla minor offer you?

We believe that a fresh, critical view from a group of enthusiastic students who are eager to learn can be extremely helpful for a project or an idea. That is why we offer dedicated research master students that are motivated to learn about business and society, and apply their scientific background to societal projects.

Each project will receive 2-3 students that will work on the project full-time for 5 months. These students will be working as consultants in the project, and they will be guided in this process by experienced consultants. For example, trainings are given on project management, efficient meetings and communication skills. They will subsequently not be interns in your company.

For examples of previous projects, please click here.


To be able to be a client for the Tesla minor, an organisation has to come up with a project for the research master students. Most importantly, we are looking for clients that are interested in our program and helping our students develop further.

The Tesla minor projects need to:

  • Be broad and interesting enough for three bèta science students to be working on for 5 months. The scope of the project should be determined by the students together with the client;
  • Have a beta scientific link to the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Informatics (FNWI) of the University of Amsterdam;
  • Have positive impact on society (e.g. sustainability projects or health innovation);
  • Preferably be about a technical innovation your company wants to implement

Curious? The Tesla minor is always interested in projects from organisations. We would like to hear more about your ideas, to see whether together we can come up with an interesting project for the students, and for you!

Please contact Els Aarts ( for more information, questions or interesting ideas.

Previous clients of the Tesla minor